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I'm not sure how many ppl are on LJ anymore, but I thought I'd throw this onto my accounts just in case.

I'm selling off all my Final Fantasy stuff on Ebay. I've got some that's sold but I have a bunch of action figures that have to go and ppl put them on watch then forget to come back to do anything with them. SO, here's the link to my Ebay page and the stuff I have for auction.

I know some of the shipping might seem a little much, but Canada Post is a greedy bitch and charges enough to send this stuff out...sadly. :-(

My in-laws are offended over crap that was previously agreed to and then decided to change their minds over and blame us! WTF!?

My mom-in-law said gifts only for the kids and none for the adults. Ok, great we had no problem with that. NOW she talks to my hubby today and bitched him out SO MUCH he hung up on her, about how he's not being a good son, she raised him better then that blah blah blah.

SO, he calls his sister (I'm not her biggest fan and even less now), and she says that he's cheap, and we've offended the family. W...T...F...??? And to boot, they're offended that hubby said to his grand-parents to not get us anything and just get Alex a gift. Wtf does that have to do with them?? So fine, she bitched him out and he said "while we're airing things out, could you please buy gifts for Alex (my 4 year old son) that we ask you for on the list and not something out of the blue because he usually doesn't go for them." Well...she bitched him out and he was supposed to take it, he says one thing to her and she bitches him out AGAIN saying "well, I'm very hurt right now by you telling me that. How could you."

Oh, and one year we bought his sister and husband movie passes that was 2 movies, 2 pop and a popcorn and it said "Air Miles" on it and they were deeply offended. Really? Mine gave you the whole damn movie night and you buy us just a $25 gift card to the movies...last time I went to the movies, that leaves you with $5.00 after buying regular admission tickets. But yes...we were cheap since ours said those 2 words on it, nvm that ours was worth a lot more then yours.

Yes...I'm pissed now. I want new in-laws. NOW!!!!! Was burns me more is that they know we don't have tons of $$ right now. My son needs a new room to make way for the 2nd baby in a few months, we have a basement to complete so we have more room for the new baby. I'm not working right now and won't until end of 2012/beginning 2013, but apparently we're cheap for no reason at all. Yup...they're right, we should forgo anything for our children and spend it all on them instead. They're so smart.
Wanting to sort out your home is very difficult to do when you have someone living in your home that takes up your entire basement, which was the initial agreement, along with every last area of storage that you have in your home.

I'm stuck with my son's closet, our walk-in closet, and a smaller coat-closet on the main floor. He's basically taken over all areas of my garage, every last inch of my basement (the storage behind my stairs was huge, but he took it all and added more shelves for more stuff. We're planning on a 2nd child, so naturally, we've kept the things we have from our first child (he's 2 right now). We have three bedrooms, the master bedroom, my son's room and the spare room. The spare room closet is 1/2 full with my brother's comic book collection (his "retirement fund" as he calls it) and the x-mas decorations because I have nowhere else to put them. There's some boxes of clothes from my son on the bottom part of the closet (some on top of the comic boxes but that's just too bad).

My son's closet is full of boxes of his old clothes, and boxes of his toys (we had a toybox for him from my brother but he just used nails so it all broke apart). Now I have the rocking chair from his room in the spare room taking up space, and no more place to store anything.

Half of my fridge is taken by him and he's so messy that he leaves things in it forever until the container busts so he dirties my fridge. He has the top part of the cabinets and he has spices up there that he doesn't shut or leaves in packets and when the cabinet is opened, they fall on you or they all fall into the cracks and go onto the next shelf in the cabinet.

The day he moves will be a day I'm looking forward to. The only problem is that I'll be spending days after he's moved cleaning my home to make it presentable. We have to put something on the concrete in the basement; a sealer of somesort; he's let he cat poop all over that floor for years now. I know it's partly our fault for letting it get to this part, but it's also his. He's 41 years old; no one should be that dirty.

And that is why he will be single for life. The fact that he watches cartoons all the time and chats all night, and is super-geek doesn't help matters much either. lol
My mother can drive me insane rather quickly...First I had to argue for weeks with her to get her to come down for my son's birthday (she lives an hour away, if that) and I had to bug her for a month at least to get her to come down.

So that brings me to x-mas. I called her yesterday to just say how are you and I get the "so what are you calling for?" question. So then I brought up x-mas and I got the "well you're going to Bobby's family for x-mas, not here." and the whole guilt trip so then I said that we could go there and I got the "well I don't have room for everyone here so whatever."

No more guilt trip...then I get the "well, I'm giving Kassy and Katie (my nieces that live near her) their gifts on x-mas so I don't know if they'd want to come back here again the next day." Guilt trip comes back...then she just says "well if they do this and that and blah blah, yeah...that'll work. Ok, you can come on Saturday the 26th."

Ok...so then I asked about gifts and I get the "well I don't want to do that and you got me a b-day gift so I don't want anything." Thanks for the help there mom. Then she moves on to "well, ask your sister about what she wants to do, she'll probably say no and she doesn't care to go shopping or do anything relating to holidays anyway." What the fuck is wrong with my family!? You don't want to celebrate x-mas?? God...my son is just 2 and I'm super excited for x-mas and see him get excited for Santa and I like it myself because I have a lot of fun decorating (when there's no one around to bug me)...total Scrooges they are.

My sister didn't even want to do anything for my niece's birthday (her daughter's b-day) and teases me every year about Alex's b-day and how much I'll hate making parties and they're too much work for a party for your kid. Fuck, the reason to have kids is to plan the stuff and have fun doing it. I had a bunch of fun looking for decorations and stuff for his b-day this year (which was of Disney Cars).

Anyway, she then continues on asking me about boots for Alex and clothes for Alex and all that stuff, then I suggest what to buy for x-mas and she's like ok, uh-huh, then 10 minutes after I keep suggesting things and saying "well, you can get that for him if you want." I get the "well, I already bought him something." So why the fuck did you make me spend 10 minutes giving you ideas when you already bought him his gift!? I mean really...would it have been so hard to say before I began "I already bought him his gift." and she won't tell me what it is so now I can't tell ppl what she bought so now I hope that no one will buy him the same thing. *sigh*

All that to say that out of a 30-40 minute conversation, I hung up discouraged, stressed and wtf-ing about my family. No one in my family seems to care about the holiday but I still have to make the effort to organize it...I say me because no one else wants to or cares. But if I didn't...oh boy...the words that would come out from them about me not trying.

I say this every year and one day I'll mean it...I'm not doing this again next year. I quit. And especially if I'm pregnant at x-mas next year and after I have 2 kids...I don't think so. They'll have to find another sucker to take the stress. No one wants to make the effort to get together and see their grandkids and stuff? Tough. I'm tired of stressing myself to make everyone happy and they always end up bitching about getting together anyway.
Is it a bad thing that I made a ticker counting down the approximate time that I want my brother to move out??

Mothers (at least mine), are the most frustrating things on the planet. I asked her a month ago if she was going to come down to my house to actually see the damn thing (she's seen it maybe twice in the 5 years I've had it) and all the stuff we've done to the house and for once not have us do all the traveling (it's an hour tops to our place) and I get told on that day "yes, I'll do my best to go on the road with Denis." (that's my mom's s/o)

So fine, my hubby offered to go and get her on the Friday night (which would be Oct. 9th) and bring her home the evening of Oct. 10th and she had said yes.

SO I call her this Friday to confirm that everything is still on for Alex's 2nd birthday on the Saturday and she says "I'm not going there on a Saturday, you said Sunday, why did you change it?" I told her it never changed, his family has had Thanksgiving dinner all the time on the Sunday since I've known them (which is 7 years) so I never would have said Sunday. Hell, my sister was right there when I said the date and when she called me on the Friday she said "are we still on for Saturday?" So yeah...I said Saturday but I get told I suddenly changed the date on her.

So anyway, she refuses saying that I told her Sunday when it was always Saturday and that she does not want to drive into the city on a Saturday saying that it's too busy. Given that it's a holiday, people will be at their relatives and won't be on the road, to which she said that it will be busy and she knows it. Nevermind the fact that she lives in a small little sleepy town and never comes into this town (and it's not busy on a holiday Saturday like this one) so how would she know.

Then I reminded her that Bobby was going to go and pick her up, drive her in and drop her off the next day and she had agreed to it. So now she's saying no, that she doesn't want anyone to go and get her and she'll see Alex for his b-day whenever we decide to go and see her. Nevermind the fact that we've been down there about 7-8 times this year and she says yes to coming for his b-day then makes up excuses to not come.

So now I have my mother refusing to come down even if it's us driving to go and get her and my hubby saying that he's not going there anymore if she won't even make an effort to come down here since all she does is make up excuses. Once a year won't kill you; hell, the last time she was here was to help me after I first had my son and even then she almost refused to come down and help me. And it's not about her age; she's 66 fine, her s/o is about 60 or so, but hubby's grandparents are in their 80's and they drive the same distance into the city (the more busy part across town) at the very least once a month to visit my hubby's parents.

Someone (actually a few someones) said she should see someone and get some help since she never wants to go out of her house and do anything. Which to a point is true, but then again it isn't; she'll take the bus that comes to the casino near where I live or go with her s/o to a town a few hours away to sight-see, but she doesn't want to visit her own family. "I spent my time visiting others (her aunts, my dad's family...not her kids!), now if any of you want to see me, you come to me. I'm not moving for any of you."

Yet she'll drive up into the mountains with bad visibility and horrible roads to my sister's house when we go to visit but heaven forbid we suggest visiting the rest of her children that live down the road that has nice paved roads and traffic lights all the way there.

I really do give up; if she cares that little of coming to see us, I'm beginning to wonder why I should bother to make an effort. I'll make as much effort to see her as she does to see me...let's see what she says. But then again, this is the same person that 9.9 times out of 10 won't call to see how you're doing and waits for you to do it. Only time she'll call is if she sends a letter to my house for my brother that goes to her address to know what it is...and she asks me...then gets upset when I don't ask what the letter is about, nevermind the fact that the damn thing isn't my business to begin with!
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